God is smiling

Let me say first off that I am not a religious nut. I do not run about spreading my arms to the sky crying, “Praise God!” I do not belong to any religious organisation; in fact I claim no religion.

That being said, I do believe in God.

On the other side of the coin, I see mankind as the most destructive, evil species ever to walk this earth. This lovely earth.

Today we are having a storm. Gusts of heavy rain and blasts of high wind. Somewhere a tree will go down and break a power line, and if I don’t save this document every few words, I may lose it.

This is the weekend, and it seems to me that the power cuts occur most often on weekends. On the radio news I hear that power crews are ready to leap into action. North from here there are already power outages…

But that’s not what I’m thinking about.

I see God sitting in his cloud-throne smiling. He is not smiling at us, He is smiling because perhaps He has found a way to beat us. WE CANNOT CONTROL THE WEATHER.

I’m surprised He hasn’t thought about this sooner.

Look what we have done to this planet. We have sabotaged God’s green earth. We have wiped out half of the world’s wildlife since 1970. We have polluted the oceans and the air and the land, and now we are striving mightily to pollute the very bedrock by ‘hydro-fracturing’ in the pursuit of underground pockets of natural gas and oil.

God’s answer is to raise the earth’s temperature. We call it the greenhouse effect, and we know that it is caused by man’s pollution of the air, and we just keep on doing it. And God is smiling, because as the world’s temperature rises the weather becomes more violent, and WE CANNOT CONTROL THE WEATHER.

That’s what’s on my mind this morning during this lovely rainstorm which may become a snowstorm by evening and create havoc on the highways and kill a few more innocent people. Innocent, because ~ who is guilty?

I live 30 miles from town, I need my car, which spews out emissions which add to the greenhouse effect. Give me a car that runs on solar energy.

Today the United Nations announced that the world is facing extreme climate changes unless we reduce emissions to ZERO before 2100. That means an end to using fossil fuels within the next generation.

Will we listen? Will we do it?

Which will happen first? We stop using fossil fuels, or we create irreversible climate change.

God must be smiling. Perhaps He has found a way to bring mankind under control.

More likely we will just continue on our merry, self-destructive way.


God is smiling — 3 Comments

  1. Trevor, I think our government is only listening to the green messages sent out by big business: the green of money.
    When we “suck fossil fuels out of the ground”, as you say…. When we allow ‘fracking’ in the search for fossil fuels, we are literally fracturing the bedrock upon which we stand. This means that we destroy our water table, we break up the rock around our wells so that our well water leaks into the fractured ground. We break up our bedrock so that no water table remains intact. My friends in Texas were approached by a fracking company a couple of years ago and offered a contract. “Sign this, and we’ll pay you $1500.00 immediately. When your oil well comes in, you will receive fifteen percent of all profits.” My friends signed. They were paid. They were going to be rich. They were delighted. Today, their water well is gone. When they turn on the tap, they can light a fire with what flows out. Yet what lies below their property is not enough to exploit. The oil company is gone, they have lost their water, and they have to truck it in. Who pays for their trucked-in water? Not the oil company. My friends signed a contract. Also known as a release.
    Anything for the almighty dollar.

  2. Your picture of God in her greenhouse provoked a smile. She may be into eugenics and cooked up global warming as her method of reducing the number of her creatures. I wish I knew where your Texans could turn for relief. My mid-western American friends whose water turned to dust moved to Thailand and are happily building a stilt house and subsistence farm with their funds from the oil/natural gas exploration company. Plenty of rain in season where they relocated; but they do have to purify their water.

    I enjoyed the free chapter of The Officer’s Code and shall buy the book as soon as my ship comes in.

    • Good Friday morning, Ron McKinney. It’s more than a year later and I’m just getting back to you. Thought I’d give it a little time for your days to unfold.
      Did your ship ever come in? Did you ever read my novel? Always interested in reader reaction.

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